Maddison Stewart Shark Filming Expedition

Saturday January 12, 2013

Madi recently teamed up with Eye to Eye Marine Encounters ( and Aroona Luxury Charters ( to observe and film reef sharks at Osprey Reef. She wants to document the health of these animals and draw attention to the plight of sharks around the world, whose numbers continue to plummet due to overfishing (both legal and illegal).


Osprey Reef is the most iconic and ecologically significant area in the Coral Sea. The reef's remoteness means that it is largely free from damaging human activities and it remains one of the last storngholds for healthy sharks in Australia. This has important implications not only for the sharks but also in providing scientists and managers with important baseline data for near-pristine ecosystems (if they don't know how a healthy reef looks and works then how can they create them in the future?).


Osprey Reef is currently at the centre of a hot environmental debate as it was initially included in the Federal Government's Marine National Park plan but has since received only partial protection (and this reduction has occurred at the most significant wildlife sites - such as those visited during this expedition). If the current policies remain in place then the sharks that Madi dived with in January are at high risk of being fished out in the near future.

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